Example of biljaxs scaffolding

Sectional Scaffold

A complete line of step, ladder, and walk-through style frames to provide access and working platforms for all your commercial, industrial, and rental needs. 

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Yellow Series 2062 Fiberglass Double Stepladder

Ladders & Aluminum Stages


  • Series 2022 Fiberglass Stepladder
  • Series 2062 Fiberglass Double Stepladder
  • Series 6062 Fiberglass Extension Ladder
  • Series 6101 Aluminum Extension Ladder
  • Series 42 Two Man Aluminum Plank

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Yellow Boom lift with hydraulic outriggers

Boom Lifts

We offer a wide range of boom lifts featuring flexible working heights, different maximum outreach and both towable and self-propelled lifts.

  • Towable Boom Lifts with Hydraulic Outriggers
  • Self-Propelled Boom Lifts
  • Towable Articulating Boom Lift
  • Towable Telescopic Boom Lifts

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Man in Cougar Series telescopic lift fixing a tall parking lot light

Telescopic Lifts

There are 5 types of telescopic lifts we offer ranging from 21' to 35' working heights.

  • C.A.T. Series Lift
  • tomC.A.T. Series Lift
  • Cougar Series Lift
  • Odyssey Lift
  • Stockpicker Lift

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Escalate drop-deck trailer attached to a red pick-up truck

Escalate Drop-deck Equipment Trailers

6 Models Ranging from 1500# to 12,000# capacity. Escalate trailers are safe and easy to load by one person under any conditions.

  • 6 Models Ranging from 1,500 lb. to 12,000 lb. capacity

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Man strapped to a ladder with yellow safety fall arrest equipment

Fall Arrest Equipment

Visit the French Creek Production website to see the fall protection equipment.

Contact us for availability and pricing on Fall Creek products.

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Metal bleachers with aisles and railings - 308 Bleacher System

Grandstand Seating & Bleachers

We offer a variety of seating options, from 4 & 5 row bleachers up to a seating system for 20,000 plus.

  • Elite Seat 4 & 5
  • 308 Bleacher System
  • AB Elite Grandstand Seating System

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Outside performance staging with white tent covering near a pond

Performance Staging

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, Bil-Jax Multi-Stage is a portable, rugged yet attractive staging system that is extremely versatile and easy to assemble. 

Stage heights from 6" to 8' or more are attainable with the Multi-Stage system.  Applications from chair risers to tent flooring to runways to sound wings/troughs to orchestra pit covers - Multi-Stage offers all this flexibility and more. 

  • Stage Heights from 6" to 8'

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Scaffold Plank

A scaffold user's main concern is safety.  Microllam® LVL scaffold plank is proof-loaded by machine to ensure that the product meets Trus Joist Industrial quality standards and OSHA deflection limits when it leaves the mill. 

Microllam® LVL scaffold plank  is made from many layers of thin veneer--consistent, so there are no concentrated areas of knots or cross grain to contend with.

Microllam® LVL scaffold plank isn't sold as stock lumber--it's manufactured to scaffold plank specifications.

  • Microllam LVL Scaffold Plank
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Yellow trash removal system running down the side of a ten story building

Trash Removal System

This heavy duty, durable system is reusable and can be mounted to any type of structure including parapet walls, window openings, slab roofs and scaffolding.

Made of high density 3/16" crosslinked polyethylene, the Bil-Jax trash chute sections provide stress cracking resistance, low temperature impact strength, and excellent chemical resistance.

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