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Locking Cup Modular Scaffold Technical Manual

The Bil-Jax Locking Cup Modular Scaffold is a versatile and flexible scaffolding system designed for various construction and maintenance applications. It features a unique "cup-lock" connection system that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble, even in tight spaces or challenging configurations.

Key components of the Locking Cup Modular Scaffold system include:

  • Locking Cups. These unique cups are the core components of the system, featuring four spring-loaded jaws that securely engage with tubes to form stable connections.
  • Tubes. Available in various lengths and diameters, these provide the framework for the scaffold structure.
  • Diagonal Braces. Provide additional rigidity and stability to the scaffold.
  • Platforms. Available in various sizes and materials, they offer a stable working surface at different heights.
  • Accessories. A wide range of accessories are available, including stairs, ladders, guard rails, outriggers, and toe boards, to enhance functionality and safety.

The Bil-Jax Locking Cup Modular Scaffold System can quickly and easily be assembled and disassembled without any special tools. It can be configured to various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for different applications and work environments. The aluminum components make the system lightweight and portable, while the locking cups provide secure connections, ensuring a strong and stable scaffold structure even under heavy loads.