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Scaffolding Supplies

Essential Scaffolding Supplies for Safety

A scaffolding setup is an impressive structure, but there are a lot of components and materials required to ensure a safe and sturdy scaffolding assembly. These supplies are essential for creating a platform for workers to perform tasks at elevated heights.

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Available Scaffolding Supplies for Efficient & Safe Work

In addition to the many different types of scaffolding available, Seaway Scaffold offers a full lineup of scaffolding supplies that will boost your efforts and keep your workers safe. These include:

Scaffold Planks/Walk Board

Scaffold planks, also known as walk boards, are the only thing separating your crew from the ground below so picking the right planks is extremely important. They have to be strong enough to support your crew, equipment and materials at the same time. They also have to correctly fit the span between the frames. OSHA has strict requirements on how much the boards can deflect under a load and for good reason. We can guarantee that our scaffold planks not only meet these requirements but exceed them to keep your people and your equipment safe. These walk boards include three primary variations.


The most widely used industrial grade scaffold plank in the industry. Includes aluminum frame, 1/2″ finished plywood deck, heavy duty “I” beam side rail extrusions, and a 4 Bolt hook designed for extra strength and support. Available in 7' & 10' lengths.


Steel walk boards offer strength & durability for heavy loads.The galvanized steel walk board is durable and corrosion-resistant. Available in 7', 8', & 10' lengths.


Lightweight, stable, secure extruded all-aluminum decking with an interlocking 3-hook design & grooved aluminum decking for a non-slip grip. Available in 7' & 10' lengths.

Shoring Frames

Shoring scaffolding is designed to withstand a greater weight load than that of traditional scaffolding and is designed to last longer in case the structure is intended to be permanent. These frames are the primary components of shoring scaffolding and are used to build up shoring scaffolding units.

The frames we provide are made in the USA with the highest quality components including ID coated tubing for extended life. A powder coat finish is added for durability. Our shoring frames exceed OSHA regulations and conform to the most rigid tolerance tests in the industry.

Shoring Posts

The “bones” of shoring scaffold are the shoring posts. These need to be extremely durable and strong to support the heavy loads that shoring scaffold is meant to withstand. These posts come in a range of sizes, are easily adjustable, and include two variations.

Galvanized Shoring Posts

Galvanized heavy duty steel posts are made for jobs requiring extra strength and durability and are rated up to 6,000 lbs. (5,000 lbs. if height exceeds 10’).

Electroplated Shoring Posts

Electroplated steel shoring posts are designed with extra corrosion-resistance for jobs involving corrosive chemicals or for weather resistance.

Note: Capacity for post shoring includes a 3 to 1 safety factor.


In addition to walk boards, your scaffold needs guard rails to protect your crew, equipment, and materials from falling. We provide galvanized tubing guard rails which attach to scaffolding to ensure worker safety. These rails are secured using B, F, or U lock guard rail posts to ensure safety & comply with local, state & federal regulations. Open end scaffold frames have their own guard rail solution in intermediate guard rails.

We also provide two comprehensive scaffold guard rail systems:

Easi-Guard Panel System

This system is designed to assemble quickly and easily to provide greater safety on scaffold platforms. This includes a top rail and a mid-rail composed of a steel chain.

Panel Guard System

A complete safety solution that includes a top rail, mid-rail, and toeboard. Installs and assembles quickly and easily.

Toe Boards

Toeboards prevent tools & other objects from falling from scaffolding decks & causing injury to people below. These must be used on all scaffolds in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Our toeboards are made of high quality steel and come in a variety of sizes to fit your scaffold system.

Ties and Braces

In order to be secure and safe, scaffolding towers need to be stabilized and squared at the base by strong braces. From there, assuming you aren’t using a freestanding scaffold tower, ties need to be added to secure the scaffolding to the structure for further stabilization and safety.


With standard scaffolding, 2 scaffolding frames and 2 scaffolding braces make a “box” or “buck” which is one “set” of frame


The scaffolding ties we offer can adjust from 4″ to 32″ from the scaffolding tower to tie it into the structure. The tube clamp adjusts to fit various scaffold frame leg sizes. These can be used in place of outriggers when safe.


The braces we provide conform to the most rigid tolerance tests in the industry, making them the most used and recognized on the market today. Proudly made in the USA with the highest quality components including ID coated tubing for extended life and powder coat finish for durability that exceed OSHA regulations. Braces are generally single rods of steel that connect perpendicularly at the base to strengthen scaffolding. We provide several types including:

  • Diagonal/Cross: Connecting in the middle that creates a full cross (X) when opened up, diagonal or cross braces are used in conjunction with scaffold frames to form sections. These are used to determine the length of each scaffold section or the span between your frames.
  • Horizontal: Horizontal braces are actually used primarily for stage and event setup. These allow for faster setup while easily adapting to low stage heights.
  • Lateral: These braces are single rods of steel that connect perpendicularly at the base of scaffolding. These work best in conjunction with cat-a-corner braces.
  • Cat-a-corner: These braces are single rods of steel that connect diagonally at the base of scaffolding. These work best in conjunction with lateral braces.
  • Arm: These scaffolding arm braces are used when workers need to access scaffolding from the braced side.

Debris Chute and Trash Chute

Debris Chutes and/or Trash Chutes are trash systems that transport large quantities of debris and trash from a higher work site, building, or roof to containers on the ground. Builders, roofers, masons and demo contractors all rely on debris chutes as the quickest, safest, and most efficient method of debris and trash removal. The trash chutes we provide are sectional for easy setup and teardown.

Material Hoists

Material hoists are crucial on construction sites, enabling workers to efficiently transport materials and equipment across different building levels. They offer a safer and more effective solution than manually carrying heavy loads up and down stairs or scaffolding in both construction and industrial environments.

All scaffolding supplies are quality Bil-Jax products designed with durable materials built to last, and engineered to meet or exceed strict safety standards. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Chances are we carry it in stock anyway. Contact us today if you’re looking for a specific item not listed.

Scaffolding Services You Can Count On

Scaffolding Design For Efficiency

There are a lot of factors to consider to ensure the design meets your project requirements. Consult with our scaffolding experts for your custom scaffolding design to boost efficiency on the job site.

Assemble & Disassemble Scaffolding

Building and disassembling scaffolding require careful planning, attention to safety, and adherence to industry standards.