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Project Technology

You might not think of scaffolding as being particularly high-tech, but the reality is, technology has significantly transformed the scaffolding industry, offering innovative solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and accuracy.

Computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) software allow professionals to create detailed scaffold designs that are true to life. These tools enable precise planning, visualization, and customization before the first scaffold frame is ever secured into place.

Other tech-focused tools of the trade include Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to simulate scaffold structures in real-world environments, drones for aerial surveillance, RFID tags and barcodes for inventory management, cloud-based collaboration platforms, and more.

Seaway Scaffold uses state-of-the-art technology at every stage of the design and build process to ensure predictability and efficiency. Our systems track and evaluate the project, allowing us to monitor progress, on-site events, inventory, and field reporting for better accountability, safety, transparency, and reliability every step of the way.

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