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Scaffolding Rental

Seaway rental provides scaffolding solutions, scaffolding supplies and other equipment rental to both residential customers and commercial contractors in the Midwest. Our full-service capabilities include experienced staff to assist in design, product selection, delivery, erection and dismantle services. For technical information on products, Resources

Types of Scaffolding:

  • Scaffolding Frame and Sectional Scaffold
  • System Scaffold / Work Platform
  • Rolling Scaffold Tower
  • Walkway Canopy / Sidewalk Canopy
  • Suspended Scaffolding
  • Tube and Clamp Scaffolding
  • Stair Scaffold Tower / Stair Scaffolding

Scaffolding Parts:

  • Steel / Wood Scaffold Planks
  • Shoring Frames
  • Shoring Post
  • Debris Chute and Trash Chute
  • Aluminum Walk Boards
  • Material Hoist

Bil-Jax Scaffolding

Seaway Scaffold is your resource for Bil-Jax products. Bil-Jax has earned a reputation as the Gold Standard of the scaffolding industry. Over 94% of Bil-Jax part numbers are made in the USA. They weld their steel with a hefty 3/16” bead, with industry renowned, highly durable powder coating up to 4 mils thick. Not only is Bil-Jax® ISO 9001 certified, all their core suppliers are ISO compliant and are required to meet or exceed strict ASTM standards. Relentless attention to quality sets the Bil-Jax product apart, and that’s why we only trust our customers to Bil-Jax.

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