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Scaffolding Design

Designing a scaffold structure is more difficult than it looks. Other than working your way up, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure the design meets your project requirements. Consulting with a professional scaffolding design team offers many advantages, not the least of which is peace of mind knowing that your custom design is perfectly suited for the project you are tackling.

Professional scaffolding design teams operate with a safety-first mentality, taking into account safety regulations, industry standards, and best practices to create a stable structure that minimizes risks for workers. They will assess the specific requirements of your project and customize the scaffold design accordingly, optimizing the use of materials to ensure efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Seaway Scaffold’s motto is "Better by Design." This means we operate to make sure your scaffolding design meets all requirements and needs while providing scaffolding, shoring, suspended platforms, event seating, staging, and skilled labor for installation on projects of all sizes. Should your requirements change at some point during the course of the project, we pride ourselves on our adaptability, taking care to design scaffolds with flexibility in mind. This allows us to make modifications and adjustments while maintaining safety and stability.

Bil-Jax engineers provide design support and are dedicated to ensuring that each project meets necessary specifications. We provide the equipment, engineering design, support, and expertise to ensure the highest degree of safety and integrity for every project.

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